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This is a difficult and complicated time, and at Meler Productions we have always been committed to delivering the world’s most productive event planning through warm, welcoming service that treats our team, designers , performers, models, press, guests and press as individuals we care about and respect.

Until a COVID-19 vaccine is developed, it’s clear that delivering a safe work environment requires changes to how events are managed, and the behavior of those during those events.

For the time being, some of those changes are quite significant, but our commitment to your health and safety is paramount and unwavering. We take pride in knowing our staff well, and we know that everyone share our commitment to the common good.

So, in consultation with the CDC and a panel of expert advisors, Meler Productions team has developed safety protocols for before and during our events and also for our backstage.

We ask in turn that anyone who will be working During the Fashion show , and their guests, commit to the following:

  • Commit to complete a temperature screening at entry and confirm They had no known exposure to the virus in the last two weeks
  • Commit to observe the requirements around protective equipment, sanitization, and distancing communicated on the signage throughout the Space.
  • Commit to this pledge in full and will provide to their guests.
  • Wearing Mask at entry ( we will distribute free mask)
  • Sanitizer available and someone will keep at all time the place sanitized
  • Our brand ambassador will be the in-house with regard to protocols.
  • Social distancing : we can allow space between people inside and in the backstage.
  • We will organizer a specific schedule during all day for the backstage so designers and model can follow CDC guidelines.
Covid 19 Resources
Covid 19 Resources
Covid 19 Resources

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