Our services are fully integrated in order to create meaningful brand experiences across all consumer touch points

Why Meler Productions



We pride ourselves on the collegial, friendly and balanced environment where any position can be a long-term career option.

Meler Productions provides a great entry path into the dynamic world of many entertainment industries.

Our team-based approach offers opportunities for both individual and collaborative growth that helps colleagues develop special skills.

Strategy Development

We generate brand-building activation ideas that engage your consumers and lead to measurable results. Our consumer promotions encompass a variety of short-term techniques designed to incent your consumers to respond to your brand in a positive way. These promotions are intended to enhance the value of your product by either reducing the cost or by adding more benefits to increase sales.

Brand Consulting

Brand Identity


Our Los Angeles production company / creative agency Partners have a team of dedicated industry professionals prepared to begin work on commercial and video productions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. their track record shows they have been trusted time and again by major brands for their film and video production needs from concept to delivery.

Our Partners commercial production firm has access to the best talent, locations, and equipment in the industry through their long standing relationships with reputable camera prop, casting and location entities in the U.S.

Why can we offer you a very competitive price? because of our good relationship with those Motion Pictures productions firm.

Trailer video


Fashion show Production

Music Event

Commercial video

Virtual show

Marketing & Brand Management

We collaborate and partner with you for strategic planning with a key focus on internal engagement to deliver on your brand promise across all touch points and interactions. In Addition to that, We manage talents and your Project, by choosing a customize team dedicate to your category.

Event Management

Project Management

Visual Brand Language

Communication & Design Services

We use a wide range of proven techniques and methodologies to improve brand insights into a comprehensive creative strategy to establish a differentiated and compelling point of view that connects with consumers.

Creative Direction



Pay (Platform in maintenance)

We have developed our e-commerce store for you to start building your very own online business, using our simple E-shop platform. The store is an online shopping cart and a list of features that helps you sell products online, quick.

How far your business can grow with us.

Increased Global Sales

Ecommerce Ready and simple process

Dropshipping( fast and easy)

Realize the Power of Your True Brand.

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